Whether you’re a party planner, an event or meetings executive, a bride or someone that simply wants to create a special occasion to commemorate those that you love, selecting a venue can be the most significant step in ensuring that your event is a success.

While that may seem like a simple task, it is fraught with variables that you will want to consider in making the best decision without breaking the bank. Some venues will assist you with all of the various details involved in planning your event and if you’re just an average individual trying to create a memorable moment that is often your best choice but that luxury can definitely come with a cost. You might want to weigh out the pros and cons around that. How much is your own time worth and will you have the availability to invest in finding the right décor, managing the details of setting up and cleaning up, etc. Never mind that if you make a number of errors that need to be corrected, you might be paying for some of the aspects twice and in the end, it may cost more than allowing the professionals to take the reins. These pros already have the connections to find the right items at the right price and to negotiate on your behalf. By clearly stating your budget, they will do their very best to make both you and themselves look good at what you can afford.

You might also want to do something very creative and select a very unique location to host your event. Outdoor spaces, boats, double decker buses, museums, train stations, airport hangars…you can, quite frankly, have an event anywhere you want to, provided that space is available and you have all of the suppliers with plenty of ideas and materials to transform even the rawest of spaces into a magical wonderland. And money. Lots of money. Unique venues are amazing and leave such a lasting impression that people talk about your event for months and even years to come. But it takes much time, coordination and a great big budget to operate within a space that is not set up to serve food or drinks, does not have efficient power, lighting or acoustics and is situated somewhere obscure. This is not for weak. You will need to foresee problems that may never occur and make split second decisions that could cost thousands but if you have the drive and energy around it, go for it. In the end, it will be spectacular.

It also pays to know what you cannot negotiate with facility managers when you are exploring your locations for something suitable. If your date is not flexible, your choices and options will be reduced and your ability to ask for something extra will be minimized. If you can accommodate a venue by filling an open date, they’ll be will to accommodate you in any number of ways. Supply and demand. It really never does change, does it?

These articles will assist anyone from a planner to a novice in breaking down the details that are involved in the process of venue selection and helping you to understand how strongly it can have an impact on your entire event. Selecting a great venue does not necessarily mean that it is the grandest ballroom or the most sought after theatre but simply means that it is the perfect space to create the exact ambience you want for your event.