Hedley Takes It Home

Last night the “Much Music Video Awards” came once again for its yearly basis run. All of the big names in the music industry appeared at the much music video awards this year. Artists that showed include Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Hedley, Drake, Eminem and many more. Hedley and Drake were in all of the same categories which meant that a rivalry was going to occur at the 2014 Much Music Video Awards.

MTV Video Music Awards 2012 logo

Unfortunately the Canadian rapper known as Drake lost to the Canadian rock band Hedley. This didn’t surprise anyone as even though Drake has become more popular than Hedley his fans are mainly those who consider themselves to be “Gangsta”. Those gangsters don’t take the time to vote for their favorite artist while all of the screaming girls that love Hedley do, this left Hedley winning all of the awards.

Drake couldn’t be reached for comment directly, instead his people said the following: “Congratulations to Hedley for winning some of the most vital awards at the Much Music Video Awards. Drake couldn’t be more proud of his fellow Canadians, they showed that Canadians can not only make their way in the music industry but dominate it.”

We don’t think we’d want to hear what Drake has to say himself, previously when he lost awards and was asked what he thought about his loss Drake freaked out. Drake made a series of remarks that lead to serious backlash against the rapper, this is why he more than likely didn’t make any comments this time.

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