Security At Large For World Cup

The 2014 Fifa World Cup has already begun, after three days and three separate matches there has already been a bombing relating towards the Fifa World Cup. A small city in Nigeria had seven of their citizens killed after a terrorist took it upon themselves to pack a large amount of explosives in a taxi. This information meant that potential terrorist attempts could be made at the Fifa World Cup which was already something that officials prepared for. This information coming to light resulted in Fifa World Cup Officials boasting up the security at the world cup.

2014 Fifa World Cup logo

Around every corner, in every hall and in the stands you will see security guards holding firearms in case any terrorist attempts are made at the Fifa World Cup. Each one of these security guards have been given the right to shoot on sight in they see a target that is a threat, they have also been given the authority to detain and interview anyone they choose to. This in return will allow for the security guards at the world cup to perform their job in a protective manner. Each security guard at the world cup either has history as a police officer or has history as a previous soldier. The reason for this is so that World Cup Officials can feel ensured that those attending will be safe.

Currently the Fifa World Cup is still on its way, the competition won’t stop unless a terrorist attempt is made.

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