Fan Expo Toronto Coming This August

Fan Expo Canada is held across various cities all around the great country. Fan Expo is the largest convention for nerds in Canada and the Toronto Fan Expo brings in the most viewers. People from all around Southern and Northern Ontario flock to Toronto in order to experience Fan Expo for everything that it has to offer. Unlike the majority of nerd styled conventions that are held in Toronto, Fan Expo is able to bring in big named stars from beloved franchises.

Fan Expo Toronto

You can except a large amount of famous individuals to appear at the Toronto Fan Expo. Those famous individuals include Matt Smith from Doctor Who, Lights the pop singer, Dave Batista the new star of Guardians of the Galaxy, Stan Lee the creator of Marvel, Patrick Steward or formally known as Professor X, Stephen Amell the star of Arrow, Adam West the original Batman, Hulk Hogan the WWE Superstar, Elijah Wood who plays Frodo from Lord of the Rings, various stars from The Walking Dead and many more. There is a star that everyone knows attending this convention which is why it grows in popularity with each passing year.

In order to attend Fan Expo Toronto you can either pre-purchase your ticket for $20 or pay $20 at the door to ender the convention center. Depending on which star you wish to meet you will have to pay for their autograph as this is a norm for the film/TV Industry. There is also over twenty thousand different venders selling their comic books, merchandise and more to fans. You are essentially guaranteed a great time.

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