Tampa Bay Comic Con Gets Known For Harassment

It seems that the Tampa Bay Comic Con is gaining a bad name for themselves. During the last two years there has been reports from different models or actors that Tampa Bay Citizens don’t take no for an answer but instead only harass them until they do as they ask. This never proves to be an issue anywhere else in Northern America but for some odd reason Tampa Bay nerds tend to harass anyone they gawk over.


Jenna Beth, a cosplayer who dressed as a magical unicorn for the Tampa Bay Comic Con instantly went to police after she was harassed to the point where she was being felt up by those who wished to take pictures with her. Young teens refused her denial of taking pictures with them and once the picture was in progress she noted that a few young teens would reach for her bottom. This resulted in two young individuals being banned from the convention center for life.
This convention is meant to be a place where nerds and geeks can all come together to live the world they wished they could live on a daily basis. These select few bad apples who attend this convention on a yearly basis have been giving the Tampa Bay Comic Con a bad name for itself. There has even been rumors that Tampa Bay government officials won’t allow for the convention to return for another year in order to avoid these issues escalating to higher levels. If this is the case this will be the day where Tampa Bay nerds attack upon those who gave the Tampa Bay Comic Con a bad name.

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