Apple To Launch 12.9 Inch iPad

There have been various rumors regarding what Apple plans to do this year with their mobile phones and mobile tablets. Rumors have indicated that Apple is planning to release a larger iPhone in order to compete with the likes of Android and now rumors from a reliable source has indicated that Apple will be releasing a 12.9 Inch tablet in order to compete with the larger tablets on the market. Apple has been recently losing pull in the mobile market as people believe that a larger device is better than a smaller device, the debate is pretty much 50/50.


Analysts believe that this move would prove to be a bad decision for Apple as the iPad Mini has sold more than the iPad Air, clearly their users prefer a smaller device as they are lighter and easier to use. On top of that Apple increases their devices by $100 with each increase in screen size. It is very doubtful that consumers would be willing to purchase a 16Gb iPad Pro, the name their giving the larger device for roughly around $1,000. This is far too much money for a low gigabyte model.

Apple over charges on each one of their products as their products have the Apple name and Logo. It is a name and logo recognizable by nearly everyone in Northern America, Europe and Asia. These over charges have proven to be an issue in the past as the majority aren’t willing to pay the extra coin. It is that reason as to why Android has been able to become so popular in such a short period of time. Regardless these rumors seem to be true and if so it’ll backfire on the company.

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