Sydney’s Pavilion

The Darling Harbour located in Sydney, Australia now has the world’s largest floating venue known to man. The Pavilion which is built right over the harbour can host a total of 1440 Guests standing up for club like activities, it can also hosts weddings and various other events for those who wish to spend the big bucks associated with renting out this venue. Regardless it is incredible to know that your venue is located right over the Harbour, everyone would be envious of you which is why the “Pavilion” has already been booked solid for the next eight months. One of the first events which are being held at the Pavilion is the “Australian Beauty Awards”.

The Darling Harbour

“We’ve had a great response from our clients and we’re tracking well with strong bookings to date. In particular, many of our corporate clients have secured the venue for multiple year event bookings.

“We want people to be wowed by the magnitude of this venue and understand that it’s a spectacular blank canvas which can be used for virtually any type of event,” said Mr Drivas.

The Dockside Pavilion is owned by the Dockside Harbour Group. It’ll be up for sale within a year’s time as the Dockside Harbour Group is looking to make a return on their investment and then sell the venue to make a massive profit. Of course depending on where you live it might be very hard for you to rent this venue, Australia can be a long trip if you live in Northern America.

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