Venue Opens In Hamilton

Canada isn’t a country truly recognized for their accomplishments, they have a long list that have greatly changed the world. There is a new accomplishment that has entered those ranks as McMaster University in Hamilton is now home to one of the most advanced concert venues in the world. This concert venue is called LIVElab and it is now considered to be one of the best listening rooms in the world.


The public in Southern Ontario were welcome to a free concert on September 27th. Those who have any doubts of these claims are welcome to go to LIVElab in Hamilton and experience this boasting quality of sound. This concert venue wasn’t built in a matter of a year, it took eight years to design this venue and perfect it’s sound quality. It has a advanced constellation sound system, it’s been tweaked to the confides of that room which has allowed for crisp and clear sound. Many websites have applauded this venue for its creativeness such as An avid gambling related site that supports the arts.

They hope to have more people become interested in the natural beauty of acoustic sounds through this venue. They’ll hold rentals for those who want to perform a concert there and their expecting a large amount of corporate interest from this venue. There is more than meets the eye with this venue as well, it can be used for so many different things and the technology designed in this building is unlike anything ever seen before.

Those who wish to experience one of the finest acoustic concerts ever known to man can do so this Saturday in Hamilton, Ontario.

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