Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt

Canada’s Wonderland is the only recognizable theme park in the country of Canada. Millions upon millions of people attend this theme park every summer and fall season in order to enjoy the rides they offer. During October, Canada’s Wonderland also offers “Halloween Haunt”. Halloween Haunt is a special one month offering during the weekends which allows for people to go on the rides late at night or go in more than a dozen haunted houses.


This year on its second final weekend before Canada’s Wonderland will close till next season a stabbing occurred outside of the front gates. One man passed away on the scene in front of Halloween Haunt gates while the other man is in hospital with life threatening stab wounds. The Homicide Detectives in Toronto are hoping that due to the mass crowd attending Halloween Haunt at least one person will be able to give more details as to what happened and who committed these murders.

As of right now the names of the men who were stabbed have not been released by officials. As of right now Vaughn & Toronto police are unaware as to who committed these crimes and due to the mass amount of people leaving the venue, Camera footage hasn’t been able to prove helpful for the officers either. We will keep you updated on all information released regarding this murder that occurred at Halloween Haunt.

Canada’s Wonderland & Halloween Haunt will remain open today (Sunday, October 26th) and they’ll also be open on the 30th & 31st.

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