$74.3 Million Performance

Sugar Land City Council revealed today that they have approved a budget of $74.3 Million towards the construction of a brand new performance venue in the region. This new performance venue is said to be called “Ace Center Sugar Land” and will have a flexible format as well as movable walls. This will allow for those working this venue to expand the center from 6,400 Seats to 3,300 Seats. This can allow for this venue to accommodate rock concerts to small performances. Already those living in Sugar Land City have expressed how excited they are to see something like this be built in their region.

Sugar Land City Council

Construction will begin on December 9th, 2014 and this venue will be completed by fall of 2016. This means that people will have to wait two years in order to go to this venue for the first time. This performance center will be located on a 38.5 Ace City Owned property, half of the property will be used towards the new performance center and the other half will be used towards parking. The ACE Center Sugar Land will be able to cater to comedy acts, musical concerts, theatrical products and so much more. It’ll sure to bring a mass amount of popularity to the city, so much so that it becomes that much more of a tourist location.

We shall keep you updated on the construction of ACE Center Sugar Land, hopefully there are no hiccups along the way as Sugar Land City Residents desperately want this venue to be opened as soon as possible.

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