Basketball On The Strip – 264

History will occur in Las Vegas this weekend in the when the NCAA Basketball Team known as the Las Vegas Sun UNLV Rebels will be playing against Utah at the MGM Grand Casino. Often when you go to Las Vegas you are going there to do one of few limited things. Those things include gambling, going to see the various shows offered, exploring the strip, shopping, seeing the local sights such as the grand canyon or going to the clubs. You never would thing about going to Las Vegas on the strip in order to watch as NCAA Basketball Game.

LasVegas Strip

Those who are currently in Las Vegas for a holiday or live by can easily go to MGM Grand Casino and view this basketball match up on Saturday, December 20th at 6 P.M. You will find that your experience will be more than enjoyable while watching this game. You must remember that MGM Grand knows how to throw their customers a wonderful time as they have held countless historical events in the very same hall that the Rebels will be playing on Saturday.

Those who cannot attend the game can also watch it in person by going to ESPNU at 6 P.M or another time depending on your time location. Either way whoever watches this game is in for one heck of a match up, it’ll be an incredible college basketball game. You can bet that many people who leave this game will be going to the casinos to play some poker, blackjack, roulette, keno or slots.

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