Selfie’s Being Banned

Something very interesting it happening across Northern America & Europe. It appears that the classic “Selfie” which has become famous around the world is now being banned at public venue’s. At first when this was happening it resulted in people breaking the rules but security at these venue’s have begun to escort these individuals from the premise. The reason for this is because when you take a selfie a number of things can happen within you being aware of it happening.

The first thing that can happen is that when you take a selfie of yourself, depending on the angle you are also showcasing other people who don’t want to have their pictures taken. Yes it’s not illegal to take other people’s pictures but it’s ignorant towards other people’s privacy. The second thing that can happen is that when taking the picture you might also have the picture viewing someone’s personal information. The amount of issues that can arise from taking a selfie is limitless which is why venue’s all across the world have begun to ban “Selfie’s”.

By all definition those who are removed from the premises could sue whichever company was hosting the venue as taking a selfie isn’t illegal, let alone taking a picture of someone else. Videotaping what is going on around them also isn’t illegal and can be used as evidence towards the venue. This fight will prove to be interesting as just with the issues occurring in France it is a matter of free speech and the right to do as they so please.

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