Hilary Clinton Sets First Rally Venue

It should be of no surprise to anyone that Hilary Clinton is once again running for president this term. This marks the second time that Miss. Clinton will be running for the oval office, the first time she lost to current President of the United States of America Barack Obama. It appears that she is ready to begin campaigning as she announced herself that she is holding her first big rally campaign on Roosevelt Island.

Hilary Clinton

This new rally venue will have Hilary Clinton speak on her new beliefs & ideas for the future of the country. There have been many people that have stated that Miss. Clinton isn’t going to be able to win the race once again as she isn’t the president we need. The USA is the world’s largest power & threats hit its shores on a regular basis, a president with a strong back is needed such as Barack Obama who killed Osama Bin Laden & created a better health care system.

Those others who are running are surely going to put Hilary Clinton on a run for her money as Hilary has worked under the Obama Administration for years and is married to an ex-president but truly never gone under the political stress that a president must need to. This is just the very beginning of the race though and a lot will happen in the next year.

Any new information that comes to light regarding whatever Hilary Clinton does next year during her campaigning season will be reported.

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