Billy Joel Holds Two New Records

Billy Joel is by far one of the most incredible recording artists known to the globe. He is the holder for the “Longest Run of Any Artist” and “Most Number of Performances” awards at the Madison Square Garden. These are two awards that were held by Elton John but were lost with the announcement that Mr. Joel will be holding his 65th show at the garden in the upcoming weeks.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel isn’t your average recording artist. He has been able to remain popular longer than Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, ACDC and so many others. This is due to the fact that mainly his songs all reach to the soul, having sold more than 150 Million records over the last fifteen years alone he is considered a marvel recording artist. During the course of his career he has sold almost 300 Million albums which is far more than most artists can ever dream of. This new venue at the Madison Square Garden will honor the years that Billy Joel has continued to write soulful music. Live at Shea, Live at Long Island and many others will be some of the honored performances of his career. Unfortunately there haven’t been any announcements relating to how much each ticket will cost or when the tickets will even go on sale.

Most likely each ticket will be $250 minimum as this’ll be by far one of the most memorable performances of his life long career. The American Music Awards are also planning on honoring Mr. Joel for this upcoming award show as well.

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