Brazil’s Waters to Harmful for Olympic Athletes

So many people around the world believe that Brazil is one of the more stunning countries in the world, luckily that is true but Rio de Janeiro, the capital of the country is a land of filth and disgust. This point has been proven once again as the Associated Press took it upon themselves to analyze the quality of the Rio de Janeiro waters and what was found that these waters are so contaminated that athletes who are either swimming or boating have a high risk of becoming violently ill.


The waters are so vastly contaminated due to the fact that those homeless or too far away from their home defecate in these waters, it’s resulted in thousands upon thousands of fish dying. Those bodies lay in the harbour which cause for potential diseases, other feces and so much more to be injected into the water. The Associated Press has contacted the Olympic Board regarding these issues but no response has been given.

It seems that the Olympic Board is starting to care less about their athletes and more about the money in their pocket. This is because the Olympic Board is willing to put their athletes in the Middle East, in conditions that can cause violent illness or potential death. So many around the globe have begun expressing that they will be boycotting the next few Olympics until the board registers that people aren’t willing to watch these dedicated men and woman be put at risk for their own benefit.

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