Star Wars Theme Park Coming to Disneyland

Disneyland is one of the most beloved theme parks in the world, its only competitor is Universal Studios who don’t nearly make as much as Disneyland with each quarter. Due to this is seems that Disneyland is re-investing their profits in order to create a Star Wars theme park. This park is slated to be the largest theme park that Disney has ever created.

Star Wars Theme Park

This park is also slated to be entirely different than any other theme park at the Orlando, Florida location. This park will consists of three different worlds from the Star Wars universe, each world looking as if you’re truly in an alien world. This could mean that for the first time in history people can truly experience what it’d be like to be in the star wars universe. There is unfortunately no date set for as to when this theme park will be completed but none the less this is news that has excited many fans of the series as well as the theme park.

Disney Inc. also noted that they’re going to building a series of new hotels in this theme park that’ll co-exist with the rest of the park. This could mean having a hotel room with a leaf, on top of a tree in the Naboo forest as a porch. There’ll also be a number of Star Wars themed rides, characters roaming the various worlds and so much more that’ll excite anyone who goes to Disneyland in the future. Any updates can be found here.