Gordon Ramsey Opening New Dubai Restaurant

Gordon Ramsey, one of the most famous chiefs around the world is slated to make his return to the Dubai Restaurant Industry in the upcoming months. This isn’t the first time that Gordon has opened up a restaurant inside the boundaries of Dubai, he currently owns and operates “Verre” within the Hilton Dubai. This new restaurant will be called “Atlantis” and will be located in The Palm. This will mark his second venue in one of the worlds most advanced cities.

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is a British Chef, he is famous throughout the world due to his vulgar attitude, and to this day he still hosts his famous television series “Hell’s Kitchen”. This isn’t surprising though as his fame was created through this show and it’ll be what he is most remembered for in his career. This forty eight year old father also has more plans for the city. In a recent interview he noted that he’s spoken to two or three other individuals, their speaking about making a restaurant that could be considered a dining hall on its own. It’d be a marvel & only the most elite chef’s would be able to gain a position as this potential venue.

Unfortunately the reality is that a restaurant such as this could even have problems operating in a place such as Dubai and became of this it’s more than likely a dream than anything else. None the less opening a second venue in the city which’ll surely become popular has guaranteed him a future in the city of Dubai.