Paris Concert Venue Attacked

Paris, France, one of the most beloved cities in Europe has fallen to a horrible terrorist attack last week. Paris saw a group of gunmen storm the La Bataclan, one of the most famous concert venues within the capital of France. A sold out audience of 1,500 people were viewing various artists show off their musical talents when they group of gunmen stormed the concert venue, taking hostages and killing a total of eighty two people.

Paris, France

This is by far one of the worse terrorist attacks to take place in Europe. This wasn’t just the only location in Paris attacked, there were multiple restaurants and other bombings that took place over the city. Other locations across Europe were also attacked. It’s stated that more than four hundred people were killed around the world on November 13th, 2015 via terrorist attacks.

This has caused for Europe to go into a complete overhaul in security. Security hasn’t been seen like this in Europe as everyone is on guard. This is mostly due to extremists whom take faith into a manner that can’t even be counted as a religion.

Russia & France are currently two of the largest countries working towards destroying these extremists. The United States of America has done nothing but kill innocent woman & children via drone strikes in hopes that they’d be able to kill off various groups of extremists. Russia on the other hand is destroying ISIS & other extremist groups via calculated tactical movements, this in return means that no civilian lives are harmed in the process of a tactical raid.