Rio Olympic Venue’s Eighty Percent Complete

Rio De Janeiro, the location for the 2016 Olympics has announced that they’ve completed eighty percent of the venues needed for these Olympic events. This is surprising as previous locations for the Olympics such as Canada had their venues completed nearly a year before the events began. Rio De Janeiro has been getting bashed right, left and center by the media as well as citizens from around the world for being the location chosen for next years Olympics. This is due to the mass amount of poverty in the country, slums that span hundreds of miles and wars between rival gangs that couldn’t be imagined by Northern Americans.

Rio De Janeiro

None the less this location has been formatted into history. One of the most controversial aspects of these Olympics that the Brazil government cannot stop is the water pollution within the Rio De Janeiro Bay. These waters are some of the most polluted in South America & its suspected that athlete’s will gain diseases or get sick from these waters. The World Health Organization has completed their tests with respect & have stated that the waters are safe to swim in. Carlos Nunzam, an Olympic Committee Board Member has also stated that they’ll continue to make the bay more suitable for swimmers in the upcoming events.

If this is to be true, then the only thing that those attending these venues will have to worry about is the inevitable rise in crime. Officers of the law will be positioned throughout all areas in Rio De Janeiro but its actively known that a large portion of these officers are crooked.