Toronto Becoming Mecca Venue for Indie Game Stores

TorontoToronto is one of the three major cities of Canada, it stands alongside Vancouver and Montreal. Toronto offers more than either one of these cities, it’s unique feel and approach make it a metropolis of its own. One of it’s new distinct features is it’s rise in indie game stores; the rise is so great that Toronto is now becoming a mecca venue for these indie stores.

GameStop, the owners of EbGames Canada has even revealed that these stores are effecting their profits in the region. There are now fifteen different Indie Game Stores across Toronto, each one of them having their own tight knit community of players and an open audience of consumers. One of the most notable is “A&C Games” located on Spadina Avenue is growing at such a rapid rate that they had to change locations in 2014 after outgrowing their previous location. All indicators show that they’ll have to change locations once again by 2018 if business continues to rise.

The appeal of indie games & classic games is increasing throughout Northern American culture. Indie titles are available via all platforms and classic games provide a more enjoyable experience, an experience which is just meant to be fun. Modern day games pose challenges on players, challenges which can prove to be stressful and hardly fun.
London, England and Sydney, Australia only have two indie game shops each. These are two of these largest metropolis’s in the world and Toronto is overpowering them by a land shot with this new industry.