Basketball On The Strip – 264

History will occur in Las Vegas this weekend in the when the NCAA Basketball Team known as the Las Vegas Sun UNLV Rebels will be playing against Utah at the MGM Grand Casino. Often when you go to Las Vegas you are going there to do one of few limited things. Those things include gambling, going to see the various shows offered, exploring the strip, shopping, seeing the local sights such as the grand canyon or going to the clubs. You never would thing about going to Las Vegas on the strip in order to watch as NCAA Basketball Game.

LasVegas Strip

Those who are currently in Las Vegas for a holiday or live by can easily go to MGM Grand Casino and view this basketball match up on Saturday, December 20th at 6 P.M. You will find that your experience will be more than enjoyable while watching this game. You must remember that MGM Grand knows how to throw their customers a wonderful time as they have held countless historical events in the very same hall that the Rebels will be playing on Saturday.

Those who cannot attend the game can also watch it in person by going to ESPNU at 6 P.M or another time depending on your time location. Either way whoever watches this game is in for one heck of a match up, it’ll be an incredible college basketball game. You can bet that many people who leave this game will be going to the casinos to play some poker, blackjack, roulette, keno or slots.

$74.3 Million Performance

Sugar Land City Council revealed today that they have approved a budget of $74.3 Million towards the construction of a brand new performance venue in the region. This new performance venue is said to be called “Ace Center Sugar Land” and will have a flexible format as well as movable walls. This will allow for those working this venue to expand the center from 6,400 Seats to 3,300 Seats. This can allow for this venue to accommodate rock concerts to small performances. Already those living in Sugar Land City have expressed how excited they are to see something like this be built in their region.

Sugar Land City Council

Construction will begin on December 9th, 2014 and this venue will be completed by fall of 2016. This means that people will have to wait two years in order to go to this venue for the first time. This performance center will be located on a 38.5 Ace City Owned property, half of the property will be used towards the new performance center and the other half will be used towards parking. The ACE Center Sugar Land will be able to cater to comedy acts, musical concerts, theatrical products and so much more. It’ll sure to bring a mass amount of popularity to the city, so much so that it becomes that much more of a tourist location.

We shall keep you updated on the construction of ACE Center Sugar Land, hopefully there are no hiccups along the way as Sugar Land City Residents desperately want this venue to be opened as soon as possible.

Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt

Canada’s Wonderland is the only recognizable theme park in the country of Canada. Millions upon millions of people attend this theme park every summer and fall season in order to enjoy the rides they offer. During October, Canada’s Wonderland also offers “Halloween Haunt”. Halloween Haunt is a special one month offering during the weekends which allows for people to go on the rides late at night or go in more than a dozen haunted houses.


This year on its second final weekend before Canada’s Wonderland will close till next season a stabbing occurred outside of the front gates. One man passed away on the scene in front of Halloween Haunt gates while the other man is in hospital with life threatening stab wounds. The Homicide Detectives in Toronto are hoping that due to the mass crowd attending Halloween Haunt at least one person will be able to give more details as to what happened and who committed these murders.

As of right now the names of the men who were stabbed have not been released by officials. As of right now Vaughn & Toronto police are unaware as to who committed these crimes and due to the mass amount of people leaving the venue, Camera footage hasn’t been able to prove helpful for the officers either. We will keep you updated on all information released regarding this murder that occurred at Halloween Haunt.

Canada’s Wonderland & Halloween Haunt will remain open today (Sunday, October 26th) and they’ll also be open on the 30th & 31st.

Venue Opens In Hamilton

Canada isn’t a country truly recognized for their accomplishments, they have a long list that have greatly changed the world. There is a new accomplishment that has entered those ranks as McMaster University in Hamilton is now home to one of the most advanced concert venues in the world. This concert venue is called LIVElab and it is now considered to be one of the best listening rooms in the world.


The public in Southern Ontario were welcome to a free concert on September 27th. Those who have any doubts of these claims are welcome to go to LIVElab in Hamilton and experience this boasting quality of sound. This concert venue wasn’t built in a matter of a year, it took eight years to design this venue and perfect it’s sound quality. It has a advanced constellation sound system, it’s been tweaked to the confides of that room which has allowed for crisp and clear sound. Many websites have applauded this venue for its creativeness such as An avid gambling related site that supports the arts.

They hope to have more people become interested in the natural beauty of acoustic sounds through this venue. They’ll hold rentals for those who want to perform a concert there and their expecting a large amount of corporate interest from this venue. There is more than meets the eye with this venue as well, it can be used for so many different things and the technology designed in this building is unlike anything ever seen before.

Those who wish to experience one of the finest acoustic concerts ever known to man can do so this Saturday in Hamilton, Ontario.

Sydney’s Pavilion

The Darling Harbour located in Sydney, Australia now has the world’s largest floating venue known to man. The Pavilion which is built right over the harbour can host a total of 1440 Guests standing up for club like activities, it can also hosts weddings and various other events for those who wish to spend the big bucks associated with renting out this venue. Regardless it is incredible to know that your venue is located right over the Harbour, everyone would be envious of you which is why the “Pavilion” has already been booked solid for the next eight months. One of the first events which are being held at the Pavilion is the “Australian Beauty Awards”.

The Darling Harbour

“We’ve had a great response from our clients and we’re tracking well with strong bookings to date. In particular, many of our corporate clients have secured the venue for multiple year event bookings.

“We want people to be wowed by the magnitude of this venue and understand that it’s a spectacular blank canvas which can be used for virtually any type of event,” said Mr Drivas.

The Dockside Pavilion is owned by the Dockside Harbour Group. It’ll be up for sale within a year’s time as the Dockside Harbour Group is looking to make a return on their investment and then sell the venue to make a massive profit. Of course depending on where you live it might be very hard for you to rent this venue, Australia can be a long trip if you live in Northern America.

Apple To Launch 12.9 Inch iPad

There have been various rumors regarding what Apple plans to do this year with their mobile phones and mobile tablets. Rumors have indicated that Apple is planning to release a larger iPhone in order to compete with the likes of Android and now rumors from a reliable source has indicated that Apple will be releasing a 12.9 Inch tablet in order to compete with the larger tablets on the market. Apple has been recently losing pull in the mobile market as people believe that a larger device is better than a smaller device, the debate is pretty much 50/50.


Analysts believe that this move would prove to be a bad decision for Apple as the iPad Mini has sold more than the iPad Air, clearly their users prefer a smaller device as they are lighter and easier to use. On top of that Apple increases their devices by $100 with each increase in screen size. It is very doubtful that consumers would be willing to purchase a 16Gb iPad Pro, the name their giving the larger device for roughly around $1,000. This is far too much money for a low gigabyte model.

Apple over charges on each one of their products as their products have the Apple name and Logo. It is a name and logo recognizable by nearly everyone in Northern America, Europe and Asia. These over charges have proven to be an issue in the past as the majority aren’t willing to pay the extra coin. It is that reason as to why Android has been able to become so popular in such a short period of time. Regardless these rumors seem to be true and if so it’ll backfire on the company.

Tampa Bay Comic Con Gets Known For Harassment

It seems that the Tampa Bay Comic Con is gaining a bad name for themselves. During the last two years there has been reports from different models or actors that Tampa Bay Citizens don’t take no for an answer but instead only harass them until they do as they ask. This never proves to be an issue anywhere else in Northern America but for some odd reason Tampa Bay nerds tend to harass anyone they gawk over.


Jenna Beth, a cosplayer who dressed as a magical unicorn for the Tampa Bay Comic Con instantly went to police after she was harassed to the point where she was being felt up by those who wished to take pictures with her. Young teens refused her denial of taking pictures with them and once the picture was in progress she noted that a few young teens would reach for her bottom. This resulted in two young individuals being banned from the convention center for life.
This convention is meant to be a place where nerds and geeks can all come together to live the world they wished they could live on a daily basis. These select few bad apples who attend this convention on a yearly basis have been giving the Tampa Bay Comic Con a bad name for itself. There has even been rumors that Tampa Bay government officials won’t allow for the convention to return for another year in order to avoid these issues escalating to higher levels. If this is the case this will be the day where Tampa Bay nerds attack upon those who gave the Tampa Bay Comic Con a bad name.

Fan Expo Toronto Coming This August

Fan Expo Canada is held across various cities all around the great country. Fan Expo is the largest convention for nerds in Canada and the Toronto Fan Expo brings in the most viewers. People from all around Southern and Northern Ontario flock to Toronto in order to experience Fan Expo for everything that it has to offer. Unlike the majority of nerd styled conventions that are held in Toronto, Fan Expo is able to bring in big named stars from beloved franchises.

Fan Expo Toronto

You can except a large amount of famous individuals to appear at the Toronto Fan Expo. Those famous individuals include Matt Smith from Doctor Who, Lights the pop singer, Dave Batista the new star of Guardians of the Galaxy, Stan Lee the creator of Marvel, Patrick Steward or formally known as Professor X, Stephen Amell the star of Arrow, Adam West the original Batman, Hulk Hogan the WWE Superstar, Elijah Wood who plays Frodo from Lord of the Rings, various stars from The Walking Dead and many more. There is a star that everyone knows attending this convention which is why it grows in popularity with each passing year.

In order to attend Fan Expo Toronto you can either pre-purchase your ticket for $20 or pay $20 at the door to ender the convention center. Depending on which star you wish to meet you will have to pay for their autograph as this is a norm for the film/TV Industry. There is also over twenty thousand different venders selling their comic books, merchandise and more to fans. You are essentially guaranteed a great time.

Security At Large For World Cup

The 2014 Fifa World Cup has already begun, after three days and three separate matches there has already been a bombing relating towards the Fifa World Cup. A small city in Nigeria had seven of their citizens killed after a terrorist took it upon themselves to pack a large amount of explosives in a taxi. This information meant that potential terrorist attempts could be made at the Fifa World Cup which was already something that officials prepared for. This information coming to light resulted in Fifa World Cup Officials boasting up the security at the world cup.

2014 Fifa World Cup logo

Around every corner, in every hall and in the stands you will see security guards holding firearms in case any terrorist attempts are made at the Fifa World Cup. Each one of these security guards have been given the right to shoot on sight in they see a target that is a threat, they have also been given the authority to detain and interview anyone they choose to. This in return will allow for the security guards at the world cup to perform their job in a protective manner. Each security guard at the world cup either has history as a police officer or has history as a previous soldier. The reason for this is so that World Cup Officials can feel ensured that those attending will be safe.

Currently the Fifa World Cup is still on its way, the competition won’t stop unless a terrorist attempt is made.

Hedley Takes It Home

Last night the “Much Music Video Awards” came once again for its yearly basis run. All of the big names in the music industry appeared at the much music video awards this year. Artists that showed include Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Hedley, Drake, Eminem and many more. Hedley and Drake were in all of the same categories which meant that a rivalry was going to occur at the 2014 Much Music Video Awards.

MTV Video Music Awards 2012 logo

Unfortunately the Canadian rapper known as Drake lost to the Canadian rock band Hedley. This didn’t surprise anyone as even though Drake has become more popular than Hedley his fans are mainly those who consider themselves to be “Gangsta”. Those gangsters don’t take the time to vote for their favorite artist while all of the screaming girls that love Hedley do, this left Hedley winning all of the awards.

Drake couldn’t be reached for comment directly, instead his people said the following: “Congratulations to Hedley for winning some of the most vital awards at the Much Music Video Awards. Drake couldn’t be more proud of his fellow Canadians, they showed that Canadians can not only make their way in the music industry but dominate it.”

We don’t think we’d want to hear what Drake has to say himself, previously when he lost awards and was asked what he thought about his loss Drake freaked out. Drake made a series of remarks that lead to serious backlash against the rapper, this is why he more than likely didn’t make any comments this time.