Toronto Becoming Mecca Venue for Indie Game Stores

TorontoToronto is one of the three major cities of Canada, it stands alongside Vancouver and Montreal. Toronto offers more than either one of these cities, it’s unique feel and approach make it a metropolis of its own. One of it’s new distinct features is it’s rise in indie game stores; the rise is so great that Toronto is now becoming a mecca venue for these indie stores.

GameStop, the owners of EbGames Canada has even revealed that these stores are effecting their profits in the region. There are now fifteen different Indie Game Stores across Toronto, each one of them having their own tight knit community of players and an open audience of consumers. One of the most notable is “A&C Games” located on Spadina Avenue is growing at such a rapid rate that they had to change locations in 2014 after outgrowing their previous location. All indicators show that they’ll have to change locations once again by 2018 if business continues to rise.

The appeal of indie games & classic games is increasing throughout Northern American culture. Indie titles are available via all platforms and classic games provide a more enjoyable experience, an experience which is just meant to be fun. Modern day games pose challenges on players, challenges which can prove to be stressful and hardly fun.
London, England and Sydney, Australia only have two indie game shops each. These are two of these largest metropolis’s in the world and Toronto is overpowering them by a land shot with this new industry.

Rio Olympic Venue’s Eighty Percent Complete

Rio De Janeiro, the location for the 2016 Olympics has announced that they’ve completed eighty percent of the venues needed for these Olympic events. This is surprising as previous locations for the Olympics such as Canada had their venues completed nearly a year before the events began. Rio De Janeiro has been getting bashed right, left and center by the media as well as citizens from around the world for being the location chosen for next years Olympics. This is due to the mass amount of poverty in the country, slums that span hundreds of miles and wars between rival gangs that couldn’t be imagined by Northern Americans.

Rio De Janeiro

None the less this location has been formatted into history. One of the most controversial aspects of these Olympics that the Brazil government cannot stop is the water pollution within the Rio De Janeiro Bay. These waters are some of the most polluted in South America & its suspected that athlete’s will gain diseases or get sick from these waters. The World Health Organization has completed their tests with respect & have stated that the waters are safe to swim in. Carlos Nunzam, an Olympic Committee Board Member has also stated that they’ll continue to make the bay more suitable for swimmers in the upcoming events.

If this is to be true, then the only thing that those attending these venues will have to worry about is the inevitable rise in crime. Officers of the law will be positioned throughout all areas in Rio De Janeiro but its actively known that a large portion of these officers are crooked.

Paris Concert Venue Attacked

Paris, France, one of the most beloved cities in Europe has fallen to a horrible terrorist attack last week. Paris saw a group of gunmen storm the La Bataclan, one of the most famous concert venues within the capital of France. A sold out audience of 1,500 people were viewing various artists show off their musical talents when they group of gunmen stormed the concert venue, taking hostages and killing a total of eighty two people.

Paris, France

This is by far one of the worse terrorist attacks to take place in Europe. This wasn’t just the only location in Paris attacked, there were multiple restaurants and other bombings that took place over the city. Other locations across Europe were also attacked. It’s stated that more than four hundred people were killed around the world on November 13th, 2015 via terrorist attacks.

This has caused for Europe to go into a complete overhaul in security. Security hasn’t been seen like this in Europe as everyone is on guard. This is mostly due to extremists whom take faith into a manner that can’t even be counted as a religion.

Russia & France are currently two of the largest countries working towards destroying these extremists. The United States of America has done nothing but kill innocent woman & children via drone strikes in hopes that they’d be able to kill off various groups of extremists. Russia on the other hand is destroying ISIS & other extremist groups via calculated tactical movements, this in return means that no civilian lives are harmed in the process of a tactical raid.

The Force Awakens Tickets Go on Pre-Sale!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the brand new entry into the series. It’s the first time that a star wars film has been seen shy by a few months of a decade. This film is slated to be one of the best seen since the original star wars film back in the 1980’s.

Star Wars the Force Awakens

J.J. Abrams new entry into the series is slated to be released on December 18th, 2015 and tickets are already going on pre-order. There aren’t just tickets for pre-order but there are tickets for an early preview of the film. This marks the first time this has been done since the Phantom Menace. Tickets for the early preview apparently sold out within three minutes while pre-order tickets are rapidly selling. The pre-order tickets will only be available for the first two weeks that the film is in the theatres. Afterwards those whom didn’t pre-order the tickets will be able to see this film on a regular day to day basis. This isn’t surprising as December is quickly approaching.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is slated to be the most profitable entry in the star wars franchise yet. There’ll be a new addition into the franchise with each year from now on until 2024. This means that whomever loves this franchise will be receiving a whole lot more canon material to enjoy while Disney makes billions in profit. Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker and Han Solo are all slated to make their return to the franchise. New characters as well as two famous droids will also be appearing as well.

Gordon Ramsey Opening New Dubai Restaurant

Gordon Ramsey, one of the most famous chiefs around the world is slated to make his return to the Dubai Restaurant Industry in the upcoming months. This isn’t the first time that Gordon has opened up a restaurant inside the boundaries of Dubai, he currently owns and operates “Verre” within the Hilton Dubai. This new restaurant will be called “Atlantis” and will be located in The Palm. This will mark his second venue in one of the worlds most advanced cities.

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is a British Chef, he is famous throughout the world due to his vulgar attitude, and to this day he still hosts his famous television series “Hell’s Kitchen”. This isn’t surprising though as his fame was created through this show and it’ll be what he is most remembered for in his career. This forty eight year old father also has more plans for the city. In a recent interview he noted that he’s spoken to two or three other individuals, their speaking about making a restaurant that could be considered a dining hall on its own. It’d be a marvel & only the most elite chef’s would be able to gain a position as this potential venue.

Unfortunately the reality is that a restaurant such as this could even have problems operating in a place such as Dubai and became of this it’s more than likely a dream than anything else. None the less opening a second venue in the city which’ll surely become popular has guaranteed him a future in the city of Dubai.

Star Wars Theme Park Coming to Disneyland

Disneyland is one of the most beloved theme parks in the world, its only competitor is Universal Studios who don’t nearly make as much as Disneyland with each quarter. Due to this is seems that Disneyland is re-investing their profits in order to create a Star Wars theme park. This park is slated to be the largest theme park that Disney has ever created.

Star Wars Theme Park

This park is also slated to be entirely different than any other theme park at the Orlando, Florida location. This park will consists of three different worlds from the Star Wars universe, each world looking as if you’re truly in an alien world. This could mean that for the first time in history people can truly experience what it’d be like to be in the star wars universe. There is unfortunately no date set for as to when this theme park will be completed but none the less this is news that has excited many fans of the series as well as the theme park.

Disney Inc. also noted that they’re going to building a series of new hotels in this theme park that’ll co-exist with the rest of the park. This could mean having a hotel room with a leaf, on top of a tree in the Naboo forest as a porch. There’ll also be a number of Star Wars themed rides, characters roaming the various worlds and so much more that’ll excite anyone who goes to Disneyland in the future. Any updates can be found here.

Brazil’s Waters to Harmful for Olympic Athletes

So many people around the world believe that Brazil is one of the more stunning countries in the world, luckily that is true but Rio de Janeiro, the capital of the country is a land of filth and disgust. This point has been proven once again as the Associated Press took it upon themselves to analyze the quality of the Rio de Janeiro waters and what was found that these waters are so contaminated that athletes who are either swimming or boating have a high risk of becoming violently ill.


The waters are so vastly contaminated due to the fact that those homeless or too far away from their home defecate in these waters, it’s resulted in thousands upon thousands of fish dying. Those bodies lay in the harbour which cause for potential diseases, other feces and so much more to be injected into the water. The Associated Press has contacted the Olympic Board regarding these issues but no response has been given.

It seems that the Olympic Board is starting to care less about their athletes and more about the money in their pocket. This is because the Olympic Board is willing to put their athletes in the Middle East, in conditions that can cause violent illness or potential death. So many around the globe have begun expressing that they will be boycotting the next few Olympics until the board registers that people aren’t willing to watch these dedicated men and woman be put at risk for their own benefit.

Billy Joel Holds Two New Records

Billy Joel is by far one of the most incredible recording artists known to the globe. He is the holder for the “Longest Run of Any Artist” and “Most Number of Performances” awards at the Madison Square Garden. These are two awards that were held by Elton John but were lost with the announcement that Mr. Joel will be holding his 65th show at the garden in the upcoming weeks.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel isn’t your average recording artist. He has been able to remain popular longer than Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, ACDC and so many others. This is due to the fact that mainly his songs all reach to the soul, having sold more than 150 Million records over the last fifteen years alone he is considered a marvel recording artist. During the course of his career he has sold almost 300 Million albums which is far more than most artists can ever dream of. This new venue at the Madison Square Garden will honor the years that Billy Joel has continued to write soulful music. Live at Shea, Live at Long Island and many others will be some of the honored performances of his career. Unfortunately there haven’t been any announcements relating to how much each ticket will cost or when the tickets will even go on sale.

Most likely each ticket will be $250 minimum as this’ll be by far one of the most memorable performances of his life long career. The American Music Awards are also planning on honoring Mr. Joel for this upcoming award show as well.

Hilary Clinton Sets First Rally Venue

It should be of no surprise to anyone that Hilary Clinton is once again running for president this term. This marks the second time that Miss. Clinton will be running for the oval office, the first time she lost to current President of the United States of America Barack Obama. It appears that she is ready to begin campaigning as she announced herself that she is holding her first big rally campaign on Roosevelt Island.

Hilary Clinton

This new rally venue will have Hilary Clinton speak on her new beliefs & ideas for the future of the country. There have been many people that have stated that Miss. Clinton isn’t going to be able to win the race once again as she isn’t the president we need. The USA is the world’s largest power & threats hit its shores on a regular basis, a president with a strong back is needed such as Barack Obama who killed Osama Bin Laden & created a better health care system.

Those others who are running are surely going to put Hilary Clinton on a run for her money as Hilary has worked under the Obama Administration for years and is married to an ex-president but truly never gone under the political stress that a president must need to. This is just the very beginning of the race though and a lot will happen in the next year.

Any new information that comes to light regarding whatever Hilary Clinton does next year during her campaigning season will be reported.

Selfie’s Being Banned

Something very interesting it happening across Northern America & Europe. It appears that the classic “Selfie” which has become famous around the world is now being banned at public venue’s. At first when this was happening it resulted in people breaking the rules but security at these venue’s have begun to escort these individuals from the premise. The reason for this is because when you take a selfie a number of things can happen within you being aware of it happening.

The first thing that can happen is that when you take a selfie of yourself, depending on the angle you are also showcasing other people who don’t want to have their pictures taken. Yes it’s not illegal to take other people’s pictures but it’s ignorant towards other people’s privacy. The second thing that can happen is that when taking the picture you might also have the picture viewing someone’s personal information. The amount of issues that can arise from taking a selfie is limitless which is why venue’s all across the world have begun to ban “Selfie’s”.

By all definition those who are removed from the premises could sue whichever company was hosting the venue as taking a selfie isn’t illegal, let alone taking a picture of someone else. Videotaping what is going on around them also isn’t illegal and can be used as evidence towards the venue. This fight will prove to be interesting as just with the issues occurring in France it is a matter of free speech and the right to do as they so please.