Finding a Wedding Venue

Well, you sealed the deal and he has decided to put a ring on it! Congratulations! Now the real fun begins! Planning for your big day can be as stress free as you want it to be and it’s up to you to try to create a process that enables you to move seamlessly through the planning having as much fun as possible. Ha ha ha! Did you buy that?

In fact, getting through the planning of a wedding can be more stressful than marriage itself so take a deep breath and try to get as much organized on paper in advance so that you can check things off your list like a pro. Better yet, hire a pro but if that’s not in the budget, then make sure you have primary control of your event in moving forward and don’t let the agendas of all the relevant parties have to great an effect on the planning.

wedding venues

Finding the perfect spot that accommodates your vision, your guest list and your budget is essentially the biggest challenge that you will face so try to consider some of these tips to make that part of the process as smooth as possible.

You will want to make the event as appealing and simple as possible for your guests as well as your wedding party and in doing so, you may want to decide to host both the ceremony and the reception at the same location. In this case, securing a hotel with ample facilities to set up two separate rooms for your event is the absolute easiest route to take. Not only will it make your life a breeze but guests will be able to book accommodations at that hotel and dance until they only have enough energy left to make it to the elevator. Perfect, right? Well, not necessarily. You’ll need to have an ample budget to carry this off as most hotels that can accommodate this are five star and can cost a pretty penny. If that’s the budget you’re playing with then don’t even hesitate. Start making calls and find the right date and that’s right off your list. Next.

Speaking of guests, you will want to make sure that your chosen venue will suit their needs as well. Are there many that will be traveling from afar? Are there any elderly guests that will need special mobility accommodations to get in and out of rooms and vehicles? Perhaps this is a small intimate affair for your immediate family and closest friends. In that case, a destination wedding combining the honeymoon into the mix might be an excellent way for you to go. This is a great budgetary boon as destination resorts generally will bonus a great deal of the catering and venue charges to you, provided you guarantee a certain number of guests which in most cases, are responsible for their own vacation package. It’s not for everybody. Often, guests invited to destination weddings might stress the cost of travel and accommodation and resent absorbing the cost. This is a discussion worth having in advance with those you hope to attend.

Finally, you’ll want to find something that really exemplifies the personalities of you and your spouse to be. Are you laidback or formal? Do you enjoy wild flashy parties or do you want something understated? Your venue will reflect who you are and choosing a big five star hotel when you’re more about green living might seem like a bit of a conflict so try to take all of this into account.

Once you’ve got the venue nailed down, the rest is really all about you. Take the time to picture your day and find the right spot!

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