Importance of Selecting the Best Venue

Large trade shows focussing on the event industry connects the audience with event professional and introduces new and existing venues. Shows like the IBTM brings together the incentive industry and decision makers with tailored markets and unique hosted buyer programs. Both the IMEX and IBTM events showcases large selections of venues from around the globe to win the decision makers and planners favor. The venues offers a great selection that is bound to fulfil your specific event tailor-made for any kind of function, event or show.

Event planners have specific needs when choosing venues and a few key necessities includes, location, size, facilities offered, availability and the décor or how changeable the décor is. But when all these combines perfectly the main discussion maker is always the budget. It is quite a task to get the perfect combination before planners can finally book facilities and the shows are a great place to negotiate and find new exciting venues. Speaking of exciting, it is rather interesting to see developers of internet based pokies taking time to integrate venues into symbols they use throughout a number of games. One such site offering a look at a number of those types of pokies is, who has posted an article titled Venue themed Pokie Games. Check this out if you like games of this nature.

Technology, as mentioned in a article at, is a huge advantage and event planners now have huge variety of locations, event professionals online to choose from and more and more appears online daily. Some of the sites includes videos which is vital in event planning. Venue search engines provides planners with easy accessible requests for proposals, with negotiating powers on price and budgets.


Venue location is one of the most important decisions made when planning any event and the task is made a lot easier with both shows and online. Once a couple of venues is situated in the location the planner is looking for, the top list of requirements can be worked on next. The catering, flowers and layout is the next most important arrangements. With specific themed events a large selection of venues is prepared to assist event planners in catering and decorating the venue to compliment the specific function. Exclusive packaged deals are offered and large events can normally get the best deals to best suit their budget.

All inclusive venues is a dream come true to the event planners and normally offers flower services, table accessories, food, bar if required, accommodation and transport to and from airports. Facilities offering conference rooms, meals and function halls are gaining large popularity with an all in one package packaged deal. What influence venue decision making is the firstly the availability on the specific date, price, set up, catering, size, parking, easy access and other company specific needs such as easy access for wheelchairs.

With online access to venues professionals greatly depend on reviews from previous facility users and read up on any difficulties previous users had and value great experiences such as helpful assistance at the venue. Research carried out amongst 5500 ISES members proofed that word of mouth is still the top trusted in selecting venues. The research was based on search engines, printed media, direct marketing and advertising websites.

Choosing a venue is a delicate decision for professional event managers and research has demonstrated that they trust others advice regarding venues. It has a massive implication for trade shows demonstrating and promoting venues. Word of mouth is still the strongest networking form and greatly influences the decision making process.

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