Marketing your Event Venue

Look at all this beautiful space at your disposal! Whether you are an art gallery, a community center or a warehouse, wouldn’t it be wonderful if your organization could earn extra income by renting out your additional space to outside planners to host events? If this is a possible business stream that you want to investigate, one of the most important aspects is getting the idea out to the appropriate individuals. How do you market your space for events?

Event venue

First consider what makes your space unique. Planners are shopping many different venues and are looking at elements such as capacities, logistics and of course, cost. Why would they choose your space? How do you portray the atmosphere or ambience to potential users? It might be wise to put together a fact sheet that lists the details of the technical aspects such as capacities and electrical/AV abilities and package that with some photographs of the space both empty and set up for an event. Try to plan the photos to act as a virtual site visit. Show the elements that aren’t that sexy such as storage areas, parking and lighting structures. A client with an event vision in mind might not care about that but a planner that needs to nail down these details will have these considerations in the top of their minds.

When you are putting together your marketing package, use testimonials as a tool and make sure that you get quotes from planners, from event hosts, and from attendees. List some clients that have used the space if they are sufficiently high profile. Others may want to attach themselves to that kind of prestige.
Include a rate card in your package so that everyone is aware of the potential costs. You can always negotiate the prices with the client based on availability and needs. Someone sourcing numerous venues may not have time to call up every one looking for a quote so a pricing range is significant to keep you in the ballgame. Have a dedicated contact listed so that those that want to check dates can easily reach the appropriate person. If it’s possible to incorporate a dynamic calendar into your package or at very least, on your website, planners will be able to seek out their desired dates and use that to their advantage. Making their life easier is essential in getting their business. There are some utilities available that you can use in your website such as Google calendar or something similar. Find out from your tech provider what your site will be able to house.

If you have the budget for video, consider creating a virtual tour to put on your website. It may feel like a bit of a bite in cost when you’re initially creating this but you’ll want to take into account the salary cost of someone providing tours on an ongoing basis. Once a virtual tours is complete, only parties that are actually attracted to the space will request a site visit and that will save you quite a bit in salaried time.

It will definitely be beneficial to speak with some event planner to try to better understand their needs and try to address those in your presentation of the venue. If you maintain the approach of viewing the space from the perspective of the user, you will easily be able to begin to rent the space and your calendar will be full in no time!

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