Music Venues in Northern California

If you’re a big enthusiast of the music scene in Northern California and have always wanted to be a part of its varied history, consider hosting your next event at one of the many concert venues or clubs that are dotted along through the Napa Valley. The vineyard atmosphere paired with the lush scenery makes it a destination temptation that few will be able to resist.

music venue

Exquisitely restored venues such as the Napa Valley Opera House or the Uptown Theatre are excellent examples of places that could easily be transformed to host a private gala event The Uptown is situated in Napa’s west end district and is renowned for its famous performances from artists such as Jeff Beck, George Thorogood, Snop Dog, Willie Nelson, BB King and many more from all genres of music and comedy. With a rich history extending back to 1937, the venue is dubbed a landmark location and is set up is such a manner that your group will feel intimately connected to the performers on the stage. The last row is just less than a hundred feet away so every seat in the house is essentially the best.

If you wish to travel along further toward the beautiful coastal Marin County, you’ll find that the recent revival of the music scene here has established some fantastic venues where you may wish to host a grand party. In San Rafael, the boom of the Terrapin Crossroads along the San Rafael canals has proven it to be the perfect spot to enjoy excellent food along with a rich musical history, the town having been the stomping grounds for the Grateful Dead in the 70’s. Beyond San Rafael, you’ll find the Sweetwater in Mill Valley or the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium excellent locations to host dances, fundraisers or concerts as well.

Many folks want to stick to the urban atmosphere and if San Francisco is your destination, there is no shortage of potential venues to take advantage of in hosting your event. The Fillmore immediately comes to mind but book early as it’s deemed a favourite by many. You could also check out Yoshi’s or the Great American Music Hall as the perfect backup plan as well. If you’re looking for a more standard seating layout, you might want to consider the Greek Theater on the Berkeley campus on the east side of the city and in Oakland, seek out the availability of the Paramount Theatre as well.

As you wind on south down the coast, another destination you may want to consider as a host town for your event is Saratoga where they The Mountain Winery or Arts Center offer exterior space that is absolutely fantastic. Having played host to many major names over time, the surroundings are perfectly assembled to create an atmosphere of celebration. The Montalvo Arts Center boasts a magnificent house deemed the Villa situated on 175 acres of land. The Center now reflects a cultural direction that inspires artistic endeavours and includes a residency program set up to foster creativity of this nature. Within Montalvo itself, numerous examples of cultural manifestation are present including the Lilian Fontaine Garden Theatre, numerous exhibits at the Sculpture on the Grounds, and a plethora of arts related public programming available to participants.

If you dream of holding your next event in the panoramic scenery of the beautiful northern California coast, you will not fall short of choices and you’ll be certain to find the perfect spot to hold your outstanding affair.

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