Stylish Venues in Ottawa

If you really want to make someone feel special when you’re planning an event in Ottawa, choosing the right space can go a long way in making that happen. And as an added bonus, you won’t have to wake up to a house that needs to be cleaned on the morning after.

Whether you’re throwing an engagement celebration or a marking a big birthday event, choosing one of Ottawa’s favourite venues will make you look like a planning professional and everyone will ooh and ahhh at all your efforts. Don’t assume that you’ll lose the intimacy of hosting in your home because there are plenty of cozy spots that will create a similar ambience and you won’t have to worry about Uncle Jack donning the lampshades. I mean, he still might, but they won’t be yours.

Ottawa, Canada

One of the best spots to create a cozy atmosphere while lending itself to a cosmopolitan sensibility is Urban Element. Converted from an old firehouse, the venue offers amazing culinary fare within contemporary surroundings. The setting is a large farm table is the centrepiece of the venue creating a family homey ambience where you can host up to 50 guests. With an open kitchen, guests can witness the construction of their sumptuous meal. The team is exceptional at creating the perfect environment to match the theme of your event and with a central Parkdale location, it is easily accessible.

If you want something a little more country, head out to Carleton Place to Stonefields Heritage Farm nestled in a picturesque setting that oozes tranquility. It will be your parties’ job to break that silence. On hot summer nights, the stone deck surrounding the pool makes for a sophisticated country affair whether you’re simply having cocktails or dining al fresco. Inside of the beautiful farmhouse, about 50 people can be seated for dinner and the hosts are open to you bringing in outside caterers which can be rare in some venues. The bonus is that if you are city dwellers, shuttle services are available.

For a truly hip and contemporary event, you might want to consider the Cube Gallery in west Wellington. The urban air incorporated in this venue perfectly suits the culturally conscious and will provide much visual appeal with the exhibits on display. The venue has two rooms which can be connected for up to 2600 sq. ft. in event space with amazing high ceilings and plenty of great lighting. Outside caterers are required to supply the food and beverage and there are plenty in the vicinity to suit any culinary preference. The space is greatly dynamic and yet not intimidating so your event will still feel intimate and enveloping.

If you’re looking for something that is really trendy, look no further than Events In Style located in the heart of the Market for easy access to hopping across to Quebec after hours. Set in a heritage building, the space has been renovated to create an exemplary atmosphere with décor that is top on trend and accented elements that convey luxury to make your guest of honour feel extra special. With the central location, you are easily connected to the city’s best catering chefs as well as other suppliers for service and decorations. The space can comfortably accommodate about 50 for dinner.

Any one of these outstanding venues can easily create an intimate event that goes that extra mile and ensures that your party leaves the guests gushing for many months to come!

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