The Best Event Venues in Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada’s best cities for special events and there is such a wide range of venues to accommodate every kind of occasion that it can frequently be very difficult to decide what might work best for you. These details take more into account than the four walls and accessibility to transit. Some of the best places in Toronto to host your event are based on their rich history, their unique environments and their beauty. You might want to take a look at some of the following when planning your next special occasion.

toronto skyline

The Royal Conservatory of Music is essentially pretty new but a beautiful place to hold a spectacular event. With a downtown address and expansive glass opening up a view to the energy of the hustle and bustle, the atmosphere is very modern, clean and simple exudes urban elite. This is a great spot to host a high end cocktail or gala fundraiser for a few hundred people.

The Burroughes Building in hip Queen West has a variety of spaces that can accommodate all kinds of different parties – weddings, launches, celebrity fun for TIFF and so much more. Its amazing rooftop patio is perfect for any summer event splashed up against the sizzling skyline featuring the CN Tower. Hot time, summer in the city.

If you’re hosting a grassroots event of any kind, Evergreen Brick Works is the place to be with its rich history in supporting causes associated with the environment and the lush surrounding gardens. The building exude their long heritage and the design incorporates eco-friendly elements to impress the socially conscious.

While there are a number of event venues worthy of attention in the Distillery District, Airship 37 is fairly new and unique. It has the perfect industrial setup that will appeal to the artistically sensitive. With 5,000 sq feet at your disposal, you can reinvent the space to become virtually anything you desire, with the right budget. Perfect for hosting a huge party for thousands of your closest friends.

The sophisticated Edward Day Gallery at Museum of Contemporary Art is the perfect backdrop to schmooze with up to 200 guests unless you’re hosting in the summer time in which case you are welcome to throw in the additional space in the courtyard. The space has been the venue for many a wedding and is frequently booked well in advance to launch cultural events.

The Berkeley Church is exactly what you think it is – an old church that has been gutted of the pews and altar but that has left the balconies and stained glass windows intact to create a gorgeous gothic atmosphere that can host almost any kind of event – movie screenings, concerts and weddings are rather popular here. The wine cellar and Fieldhouse are both rather charming for smaller events with a water feature and treehouse included in this urban oasis.

While the focus has morphed over the years for this open space, 99 Sudbury has been a venue selection for many years in Toronto. It has been the home to raves and markets and has grown to become one of the favourites. Its raw appeal with barn board floors and exposed brick walls make it a blank canvas ready for transformation.

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