Unique Show Venue in Vegas

Recently a unique and interesting venue opened up in Las Vegas and with that in mind, it must truly be remarkable considering the creativity and stature of the many available venues in this glittery city. The Rose.Rabbit.Lie at the Cosmopolitan Hotel even boasts a label that defies convention. Maintaining an air of enigma seems to be a goal of the venue, amalgamating all the elements of a dining experience with a night club, bar and burlesque-type revue. The far-out aesthetic is completely fearless and in your face, creating a seamless blend of the gaudy renaissance with the hyper-modern in design, pairing a Bosch painting with clean, gilded lines, astonishing lighting and glass.

Cosmopolitan Hotel las vegas

The venture is the result of a partnership between entertainment giant Spiegelworld who have created the dark vaudevillian show that plays in the venue, Vegas Nocturne, along with gastronomic curators Coastal Luxury Management, providing an experience that bears little resemblance to any other ordinary evening. World class dining along with the ongoing theatrics that unfold in every corner of the venue create an evening of spectacular sensual overload and transport patrons even further beyond the pageantry that embodies Vegas shows. It’s like they’ve made a practice of one-upping each other along the strip to see who can come up with the most bizarre entertainment creation.

In this case, the event is highly interactive and creates for those in attendance a social feast where one can partake in all of the various levels of play that is expected for a night out in Sin City. As you wine and dine at the usual exorbitant costs, the entertainers swirl around the venue in three ticketed shows, each differently defined to better coincide their time slot and they become increasingly brazen as the evening evolves.

The venue clearly suggests that patrons dress elegantly, but not formally, banning casual footwear and scruffy jeans and shorts. The overall feel is a club vibe so break out your Louboutins and Tom Ford if you truly want to make the scene. This is very much a hip ambiance.

When the show itself begins, patrons are directed by a number of hosts through the various acts that are happening simultaneously and those who wish to return will be delighted to find that the performers mash up the variety from one evening to the next. Even while that is occurring, a more structured show begins at 8 pm so attendees should arrive early to be able to enjoy bites of the delicious fare between contortionists and harmonica players and the full menu is only available until about 10 pm.

The show is styled in a vaudevillian variety fashion with comedy interspersed throughout the musical numbers and feats of fancy as well as performance pieces and as a spectator, you may experience a gamut of reactions from delight to shock to amusement. It is somewhat reminiscent of a circus event, not unlike the pioneers of this genre, Cirque de Soleil, but with much more cabaret focus. There are, of course, the typical Vegas tricks of employing provocative actions and nudity and the show itself best lends itself to more liberal audiences.
Overall, if you plan to attend, the evening will be an overall success in terms of great food and entertainment but as can be expected of these venues, the costs are in the higher scale so bring your gold card and don’t hold back!

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